Responsive or Adaptive? When dealing with technology, there is several technical jargon to be understood, and this pair of words is one such example.

Nowadays a lot of emphasis is being put on websites which are mobile friendly and those which are adaptable to varying screen sizes based on differing computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, etc. It is therefore up to the business to decide which is best for them.

Responsive websites continuously adapt to screen size regardless of what device it is viewed on. This is done through a coding process which is called CSS query. This coding process enables the screen to respond to the exact size at any point.

Adaptive websites start off with pre-sized layouts. Once it is loaded, it will not respond after that point. The screen fit is very much limited to a certain amount of pre-set sizes.

Which one is best?
It is up to the business to decide which one is best for them. This is very much dependent on the nature of the website and its users. If the website is only for a specific device, then an adaptive website is most suitable. However, if one would like the website to be available on all mediums, to ensure optimised user experience, a responsive website is best.

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