Every business around the world is always in a constant state of confusion about whether or not they should adopt a website template or go for a custom website: this happens at times when the business comes to the stage of redesigning their outdated websites.

One is no better than the other. It is more about finding the balance and finding one which suits the company based on the following five criteria:

When it comes to designing a website, there is no point in holding back on spending. One always needs to remember that their website is the first and most interactive port of communication between the business and its clients. With customers staying in touch with your website 24/7, a good investment in a good website is what a business needs.

If the business’s budget for a website is less that approximately £10000, it is most affordable for them to stick with template-based websites especially as the design in pre-packaged. Therefore it saves the costs of someone having to do the designing for the website. Such template sites are clean and functional from the external, but that is as far as their quality goes. If, however, the business has more money to invest in a website, then a custom website is well worth the investment.

Many businesses are pressured for time, and this can impact the choice of website. A good quality custom website can take at least 2 to 4 months to launch, possibly even more. It is not possible to fast-track the process.

On the other hand, if the website is needed at a sooner date, and not much time can be put into the making of it, a template-based website is one’s best bet.

The story and uniqueness of the brand is very much communicated through the website. If this uniqueness needs to stand out a custom website is the best choice. The uniqueness will stand out this way. This may not always be the case with a template-based website. A custom website gives the customers that truly unique experience which a template-based website may not give. Such a unique experience is crucial for a brand which wants to showcase its uniqueness.

There are several limitations of a template-based website. If the business requires an eCommerce website, this is best met by custom websites. Hackers love template-based websites because their code is something which can easily be cracked; this is hardly the case with custom websites. Furthermore as mentioned above, there is a lack of control of the user experience with website templates. This means, that when it comes to functionality, a custom website has much less limitations.

Flexibility and Scalability
A template-based website may be suitable to meet immediate needs, but when the company begins to grow, it is may not be the best idea to stick with such a template. At this point, it is best to switch to custom websites.

To avoid this switch, it is best to start with a custom website which can be changed as the business grows to meet to the increasing needs and usage of the website.

To conclude
The decision may be a hard one at first, but after reading this it is quite evident that custom websites have longer term benefits for the business and its website users.

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