The Story

This client of ours came with a business model which was primarily focused on encouraging personal development within the community. However, after we had an initial consultation with this client, we all worked together to figure that this business model also had the potential to incorporate relationships, life, careers, to name a few. The business is a full-time one for our client, who wants to develop it further with workshops.

The Process

Firstly we started off by branding this business which included designing the logo and deciding on the overall colour scheme. Our client wanted a lotus which is a Buddhist symbol signifying purity of the body, mind and soul. Our design team played on this idea and created a logo with amalgamated both a lotus and Buddha.

Secondly, we were responsible for creating this business’s whole website, contents of which included: details about the business, photoshoots, translated the whole English content into Tamil and case studies of the business.

I have found working with Nav and his team an enjoyable experience, something that is not always the case with digital agencies. The team has really good ideas and are always there when help is needed.

Amar Gadhan Director - Heathrow Scaffoldings

The Progress

Marketing is what our main focus is on right now. We are working with our client now to start up workshops to increase the awareness and reputation of the business. Furthermore, we are creating audiobooks which will also be incorporated into the website. Finally we are working on further improving the marketing via social feeds on multi-media online.