The Story

Tamil Dance Championship (TDC) was a new concept with no brand. As the name suggests, TDC was a dance competition. This competition initially started off with solo battles which brought dancers across the world to battle it out through an online battle. The finalists were then brought to London, to finally compete head-to-head. In addition, the liver completion also had Tamil Youth Dance Academies and University Dance teams competing against each other in their relevant categories.

The Process

We were approached by the team to build this brand from scratch and ensure the reach of it was not only national, but international. We were responsible for creating a brand which reflected the contemporary concept and the versatile nature of the event.

As part of this, we also created a website. The website was used initially as a platform to explain to the public what TDC was. It was then used as a medium through which the public voted for their favourite solo dancers. Finally, the website was the portal through which tickets can be brought for the live show.
With a show of such scale, marketing was key.

Our creative team was involved in designing the flyers, tickets and brochures which were distributed. Additionally, our team produced the relevant video content which was used as promotion prior to the event and also used to accompany the mood of the show on the day.

The Progress

The event was a success and all the branding and marketing were very well received. We are hoping to work with the event team for any of their upcoming events and especially something like that of TDC next year.