We are living in the era where there has been an upsurge in video marketing. Digital marketing has become largely focused on the creation and sharing of videos across several social media platforms to market the business.

Every day, approximately 500 million people are watching Facebook videos, so what better way to crack this niche and own it?

The moment we mention video creation, several may start feeling anxious. However, this blog is here to reassure everyone that there is no need to be anxious at all. With very accessible resources available now, one does not even need to be in front of the camera to ensure they produce quality video content. Here are five ways in which this can be done:

1) Flipagram
If you want to create simple, short and snappy videos, then this is the tool of choice! It is a tool which enables you to combine both photos and videos to create engaging and memorable videos.

2) Ripl
This is a freemium app. Simple photos can be turned into animated posts within seconds, and then can be shared on multi-social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It is an easy way of converting photos into a storytelling media.

3) Animoto
This is an affordable cloud-based tool which can be used to create unique video marketing tools. The brand’s story can be communicated through photos and videos which are then converted into a professional video slideshow, within minutes. The final video is a few clicks away!

4) Spark Video
Adobe Spark Video is a free, online storytelling platform. Animated videos can be created within minutes! All one needs to do is combine existing media material to create a slideshow presentation, on top of which one has the option to do a voice over.

5) Adobe Spark
This is a free, cloud-based, online and mobile graphic design app, using which stunning video content can be created to tell stories in a captivating way. The fact it is cloud-based means it can be saved and synced straight away. By combining Adobe Pro tools such as Photoshop and InDesign, the video content produced therefore is very professional looking with incredible graphics.

The above methods are a few of the many options available to create simple video content. Yes video marketing is a growing avenue, but do not let that undermine the work and the quality of what the business is able to offer and provide.

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